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Named 2014 National Geographic Travelers of the Year, award-winning photographers Liz Zipse and Kip Patrick (that's us) recently completed a 16-month trip volunteering their way around the world. Over the years, they've visited and gotten lost in a lot of countries--70+ at last count. In addition to monitoring whale sharks in the Philippines, delivering bikes to working women in Uganda, and cleaning up the oxygen-deprived trail to Everest Base Camp, they've also shot thousands of photos, some of which can be seen in the galleries here.

Over the past few years, their work has been published by media outlets that include CNN, Men's Journal, National Geographic and the Huffington Post, among others. Take a look around the 1 of 7 Photography galleris and if you see something you like, contact Kip and Liz at: info (at) 1of7.org

To contact us, follow us on Twitter at @ezindc or @kippat.

To read more about volunteering and 1 of 7, visit our website www.1of7.org